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The skin microbiome

The latest buzzword in skin and skincare is microbiome.   So what is it and what is its purpose?  The skin microbiome plays crucial roles in maintaining skin health, protecting against pathogens and modulating the immune system.  Human skin hosts a diverse array of microbes, collectively forming the skin microbiome.  Understanding the interactions between the microbiome and the immune system can shed light on various skin conditions.

The skin microbiome comprises over 1,000 species, with different regions of the skin harbouring distinct microbial communities.  Factors such as temperature, humidity, sebaceous gland density and pH influence microbial diversity on the skin.  Moist areas typically have high bacterial diversity, with Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium being common.  Oily sites have lower diversity, dominated by Cutibacterium species, while dry areas exhibit the highest microbial diversity.  Understanding these dynamics can inform research on skin disorders such as dermatitis, alopecia, psoriasis and acne.

Our skins have a micro language cell to cell that gives bacteria the ability to respond to molecules called auto inducers.  When bacteria respond our skin can see this as an aggressor and this can cause inflammation and an overreaction within the skin's immune system.

Factors that harm your microbiome include:

  • harsh ingredients found in some products we use on our skins

  • UV radiation

  • poor diet and lifestyle

  • some medications and illness

  • lack of sleep = lack of repair

  • extreme temperatures

Factors that help with a healthy microbiome include:

  • gut health is key

  • eating a diverse range of whole foods and limiting processed foods

  • limit alcohol and sugar, trans fats and refined carbohydrates

  • drinking water (aids digestion)

  • pre and probiotics

  • using well formulated PH balanced products on your skin

  • using skincare that contains dermabiotics (they will feed the beneficial bacteria by enhancing your skin's immunity, balancing the microbiomes that in turn reduce inflammation).

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